Memory stick

The glue is diminishing in either quantity, stickiness or both. The short term is the problem: particularly memories that record the important, if sometimes tedious daily routines which, in the final analysis, keep us from becoming destitute and smelly. But imagine, by the time we are our age many of our routines have been performed literally thousands of times, and the older we grow the more our routines become routine.

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If I’m pushed

Growing old. How is it for you? Better, worse or the same? Is it better than it was, but worse than others? Or is it getting worse but is still better than most? (Assume all perms.) How can you tell? You can GoCompare, for here, in these epistles to and from those in sight of the finishing tape, we, that is me, Darby, and her – wife even – Joan, will provide a benchmark of our experiences for anyone interested to find out how others are coping or not, as the case may be. Nosey parkers welcome, as are comments, but do, please, let’s try to avoid a race to the bottom.

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